Today, I found my GABBA! It’s a vitamin supplement my chiropractor gave me after my car accident last year, it’s a mood stabilizer. I was very happy to find it (we are still unpacking from moving) as I think it would be beneficial to me right now. I am not ashamed that I struggle with mental illness, lots of people do! It’s part of who I am.  I fight the good fight, I do what I can on my own to stay positive. I have dark times. I have times of pure joy! It’s life.

Ive taken different antidepressants throughout my life. I can’t say they don’t work, they do. And if you are prescribed medication, by all means take it. And if you feel you want to stop, have an honest conversation with your doctor about how to do it safely and what alternative you are wanting to do. Depression, mental illness, whatever you may suffer from needs treatment. And there are many different ways to treat the illness, depending on what you have.

I suffer from depression and an anxiety disorder.  The absolute best treatment for me PERSONALLY, is exercise. It’s an absolute adrenaline rush and releases all those feel good sensations. Exercise is absolutely something that uplifts my mood. Currently, I’m not getting enough, which causes me to start body shaming and feel like I shouldn’t be seen in public. Other treatments I use in conjunction with exercise is writing therapy (this) or I’ll text a friend, talk therapy (talk to my spouse) and I will take natural supplements, as in the Gabba.

Part of it is staying positive. So, that’s why I titled this post “Gratitude”, because it’s very important to feel gratitude everyday. Even if something like you are grateful for your cup of warm coffee, or the beautiful sunset. Today, I am grateful I found the Gabba. I am also grateful for my loving spouse and my beautiful son. I am grateful for the peaceful surroundings of our home. I am grateful for my life.

It is all too easy to get focused on disappointments. Unfortunately they do tend to come more often then blessings. But, again its about changing our perspective in life and taking time to notice all the miracles and blessings in our life. And I have far too many blessings to stay in the dark gloom of depression. But, I also have to be honest with myself and work through my feelings. The worst thing I could do is to just sweep it under the rug and pretend I’m ok, when I’m not. But, I’m getting there. I’m working through it. And I’m loving my life and praying for God to continue to bless us and guide us on our journey.



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