Facebook Hiatus

I decided yesterday to take a break from Facebook for a bit of time, to work on my mental health. I’m not a Facebook junkie, I don’t neglect my home responsibilities or my child to be on Facebook. I typically am on it when I’m also doing something else or my child is happily playing by their self. But, I needed to take a break.

With the recent turn of events in our financial situation, it was hard for me to be on Facebook. I spend the majority of time on there looking at BST pages to try to find outdoor toys for my son, or looking at posts of livestock for sale. Knowing that I can’t purchase anything in the foreseen future kind of makes it hard, because of course you find great deals or things you want.

I have learned through the years as I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety, the best thing is to eliminate the things that stress you. So, although I love checking in on my loved ones and such on Facebook, it’s not a healthy environment for me right now. This probably seems crazy to some people, but it works best for me. I just have to take time to reset myself and refocus my foundation for happiness.

I am very blessed in my life. I have a spouse who is my best friend. We’ve been through lots of trials and tribulations, that would of broke most people up. But we remain the best of friends and still love one another very much. We have a son that we’re very dedicated to raising to be happy and know that he is loved. My son brings me tremendous joy and sense of purpose. And of course I have some amazing friends and family.  A home of our own (albeit a fixer upper) on a beautiful 20 acres, it is extremely peaceful. So I am thankful.



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